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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Grape Pre-Workout Powder

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is by far one of my favorite pre-workouts to take. The reason why you may ask? Well first off the flavors are delicious. I have tried Grape and Blue Raspberry and they taste incredible. If you mix the powder with just the right amount of water it tastes better then koolaid. Most other pre-workouts that I have tried usually have a strong taste and I am forced to chug the drink before I go to the gym. With these I can just sip on them.

Now enough about the incredible taste, how about what it does for me. If you find yourself becoming jittery and over-talkative, like myself after taking a stimulant, than this might be your solution. I personally do not feel any jittery-ness or abnormalities in my body while I’m on the stuff. My heart beat raises a bit it seems but not to the point where I’m struggling to breath. This supplement keeps me focused while im at the gym. It reacts to me similar to having myself a cup of coffee in the morning.

So my conclusion? If your used to taking supplements this might be a little mild for you. For someone like me, it will give me a boost of energy and keep me focused. If your looking for somethign to make you go insane than this probably won’t do it. But if you are looking for a more mild preworkout, this might be somethign you want to look into.

grape on amino energy

Always be cautious though, everybody’s body reacts differently. This might make you bounce off the wall. (Most people tell me it’s more mild though.)

The Amino Energy by O.N. could possibly be my favorite pre-workout…it just tastes so damn good.


*All reviews are based on my opinion.