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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Chews Chewable Tablets

You might have already read my review about Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition, well this is the chew form of that same product. What’s neat about the chews is only 3 of them equals a serving size. You don’t have to mix powder into water and stomach the taste while filling up your stomach. This is 3 simple small little tablets, similar size to any common candy. The flavor I tried was Fruit Punch. I think they call it Fruit Fusion.

amino energy chews

Amino Energy Chewables

The taste initially was actually pretty good but then it leaves a terrible after taste. Also to people not use to these kind of products it might come off as really chalky. You can easily combat that by just drinking water directly after.

As far as energy goes it gives excellent energy just like the powder version. It gives you a long, durable energy that doesn’t over do it and get you all jittery. Would I buy it? Yea, if it was one of the other flavors. Luckily I have access to free sample sizes but If I was you and I didn’t, I’d definitely buy Amino Energy in any form they sell it to take to start my day or to start my workout.

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