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Niche Website Update 7 Days Later

If you keep up with my blog you will have seen that I have created a Niche Website. I want to show you guys how even after 7 days you can see progress. This website is brand new but I’m already seeing crazy results, well at least in my opinion. I haven’t seen a Google Organic search result yet but I have had 5 pages indexed so far via Google Webmaster Tools.

HTCAWO Indexed 1 4 13

Above is the screenshot of my URL’s Indexed. Yes it does say 58 URL’s Submitted and only 5 have been indexed but it has only been 7 days since release and I still have another 7 days of work ahead of me before the website is done. Also, I like to utilize Awstats in cPanel to check my statistics out and I have already seen a total of 308  unique ip addresses land on my niche website. I had 28 the couple of days in December, 2012 and I have 280 as of right now in January, 2013.

jan unique ips 1 4 2013

My goal for January 2013 is to end with 3,000 Unique Visitors. Right now I am NOT on track to hit that but I also am brand new without a single traffic hit from google organic traffic yet. I want to smash this one out of the park and expect an even more difficult goal for the end of February, 2013.

The Niche Website I created is called “How to Create a Website Online” .com and is almost complete! Go check it out and learn a thing or two about creating your very own website. It’s a topic I have mastered so please feel free to contact me through the contact page on there.