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Nice’ Sparkling Water Walgreens Brand Review

This is a review on the Walgreen’s Brand Nice’ Sparkling Water.

This stuff is delicious! Normally I stray away from the store brands but this one is a hit. I am on a diet and I have been trying to kill my soda pop drinking habits and I have be failing for many months but I finally found an excellent alternative.

Right now I am drinking the Nice Lemon Lime Sparkling Water and it tastes exactly like Mountain Dew. I swear if you put this is a red solo cup and had them sitting side by side, you might pick the sparkling water instead.

I am almost in disbelief that this is water and not pop. It even has essential vitamins and green tea flavonoids in it!

Nice’ Sparkling Water Walgreen’s Brand Nutrition Facts

nice sparkling water nutrition facts

As you see above it virtually has no nutrition facts because every value is at 0 including the calorie count.

My Favorite Flavor’s of Sparkling Water

Nice’ has a few different flavors of their sparkling water product and my 2 favorite’s would have to be Lemon Lime and Kiwi Strawberry. My girlfriend also told me that the Lemon Lime tastes just like Mountain Dew but her favorite is the Kiwi Strawberry.

nice sparkling water lemon lime walgreens

If you are trying to give away drinking pop, then this is the product for you. Don’t fall for other flavored carbonated waters because they do not taste good and you will just throw them away and buy some soda thus eliminating the entire point in buying it in the first place. Go to your local Walgreen’s, I’m sure there is one within 100 feet of your house anyways, and pick yourself up some of this delicious sparkling water.

  • KC

    I recently tried the Kiwi Strawberry and I am not really a sparkling water fan, but it was amazing!!! I haven’t tried the others yet, but next time I go to Walgreens I plan on getting quite a few and they are very cheap in price. It tastes really good cold, but if you put it in the freezer (after opening) and let it get really chilled, it just tastes even better. I think Walgreens has a hit with this brand because I’ve also tried a few of their snacks (some unhealthy like the Gummy bears and worms) and they taste so much better than the brand name, and of course the price is just as nice!

  • Admin

    Thanks for the comment KC!

  • MJ

    Just tried the Pink Grapefruit Nice! It taste so good, I wanted to buy a 12 pack. Will go back and get more. This is a hit.

  • Stan Thomas

    Walgreens ” Nice ! ” is by far my favorite drink . I just finished a Lemon Lime , I’ve tried other flavors and not a bad one in the bunch ! Being a diabetic I couldn’t ask for a more refreshing drink with so much flavor and no sugar !!!!!!!

  • Sierra

    Love It