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New Comment System For Popular Blog Site

I have added 2 brand new comment systems for Popular Blog Site that will make it much easier to communicate and make it much more user friendly.

I’ll give you guys the bad news first, I had to empty out all of the comments that were on Popular Blog Site because I was destroyed by spam comments, ping backs, and trackbacks. I have now put multiple tools in place to prevent any type of spam so we should be good from this point moving forward.

If you look below this post you will notice that you can comment directly with your Facebook account. Not only does this make it easier for you, because I’m sure you have a Facebook account, it actually helps Popular Blog Site out because people seem to interact more effectively through their Facebook accounts. The other option is to use the regular comment system directly underneath the Facebook commenting system which I have added a “Anti-Spam” quiz to on top of other things to make sure I don’t get spammed again. I wanted to add this one because it gives you an incentive to comment, you can link it back to your website or blog. Whenever I comment on a different article, I want to try and give myself a back link as well so I realize I should start doing that for you guys here.

The Facebook comments will be displayed immediately but the other comments will be held for moderation until I approve them.