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Multiple Source’s of Income is Your Key to Financial Success

Having Multiple Source’s of Income is a major component of financial success. We all try to pinpoint that one career where we might an exceptional amount of money doing one thing every single day for the rest of your life. I’m going to tell you information that you already know about that, it’s very hard to get a job that you can make lots of money from, especially if you’re young.

Most of my friends and colleagues are enthralled in debt from their student loans that they took out hoping having a degree was their ticket to financial success. Well let me tell you something my friends, most of them are struggling to just find any job. I am very lucky to have a pretty good position at my current job, and I am only 22 years old. I have an associates degree but that is pretty much meaningless. I actually got hired before I even finished my associates degree and I had all intentions to getting a bachelors degree but the thought of having any debt really turned me off. The reason I went and got my associates degree is because I paid it off in cash while I was going to school. Any other form of schooling I would have had to take out a loan to do so.

Do I need a Diploma to be a Success?

I’m not a big fan of school but for some people that is your best option. I quite frankly hate school, but if someone is willing to pay for your entire schooling, you better take that opportunity and get straight A’s. I feel for all you guys going to work and school and I know how hard that is to do. When I was going to college I was also working full-time overnight and getting rarely any sleep. This guy who sits next to me at work is 27 years old, and will be paying off his student loan debt until he is at least 40 years old and that’s if he becomes very disciplined. I might not have a bachelors degree like this guy but I have no debt and a similar salary. One set’s me apart thought from the many other “college drop-outs” is my ambition to succeed. I do all my learning on my own and I’m very influenced on having a relaxed lifestyle and being able to enjoy my time here on this planet. You live one time, and one time only, why can’t you be the one who determines how you spend it? Each and everyone of us can. Hard work pays off in the long run too, I promise.

Let’s get into having multiple source’s of income instead of relying on just one source.

Multiple Source’s of Income – Main Component of Financial Success

Right now I currently have over 10 sources of income but I’d say only about 2 or 3 is where the big bucks come from. The rest are very little but it adds up and hopefully will continue to grow over time. My main source of income is my full-time job, it’s secure, and it’s guaranteed money. My other sources of income come from affiliate marketing, side projects, working at home on the side, graphic design, advertising, and ETC.

Here’s the thing though, if one of my source’s of income were to be completely wiped out one day, I have multiple options to fall back on until I can create another source. I’ve spent multiple years actually making close to nothing, especially online, but I’m starting to see some rewards for my hard work. Hopefully this continues to grow and then I can continue to share.

My advice to you guys reading is to just keep going at it. If you are passionate about something the money will soon follow. My main goal is to feel like I’m not even working anymore while enjoying the financial freedome. What’s you goal?