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Marshall Mathers Trolls ESPN – Guess who’s back?

Slim Shady is back in business ladies and gentlemen. If you read this blog, you might be the only one, you may have seen this brand new song Berzerk by Eminem.

Eminem has a brand new CD coming out November 5th, the Marshal Mathers LP2 so he’s starting to bring back his old antics.

If you were watching the Michigan vs. Notre Dame college football game today, you might have stayed and watched the half-time show which featured Marshall trolling the entire sports world Saturday night. Eminem appeared to be on some type of drug and he was acting very strange during his interview. However, if you are a true Eminem fan you would obviously pick up that he was faking it and no one seems to realize that. This is great publicity for his brand new album coming out and I’m even more excited to see what Slim has in place for us this year.

Watch Eminem Troll ESPN – Marshall Mathers

All I have to say is, if Eminem really was high during the interview, let’s all be prepared for the best rap album of the decade.