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Marketing Your Blog

Marketing your blog or your business with Twitter is a very beneficial way to gain traffic. Twitter is one of the best ways to market your blog. Where else can you gain followers for free and post anything you want to them in 140 characters or less? You better be taking advantage of Twitter. If you are not using Twitter to promote your business, I hope this post gets you started.

The Benefits of Twitter: Free Marketing at it’s Finest!

-Why should you pay for marketing when you can do it yourself for free? With a Twitter account you have access to millions of people who are already online! These type of people are trying to gain followers just as much as you are. I have had Twitter accounts that have gained over 20,000 followers within a 12 month span. That might seem like a small number to you and it also might seem like a big number to you. If you put the time and you don’t use black hat techniques, then you will have an interactive twitter account within a couple months. You don’t want to just constantly spam your followers or potential followers, you want to build a community. You need to have a group of followers you can rely on to be active for every single tweet you post.

The Snowball Effect: Once you tweet something it goes directly on your profile page. Say you just posted a very influential article and you want to get your Twitter followers to view it on your blog. You send a tweet with the link to that blog post and you direct your followers to information. If you have an active community, they are going to Favorite and ReTweet your post enabling all of their followers to now see the content. That’s why this snowballs.

Let’s do some simple math:

  • Say you have 1,000 Followers. As soon as you send a Tweet, potentially 1,000 people will see it on their wall.
  • Now say 30 of those 1,000 Followers ReTweet your post and they also all have 1,000 followers. 30 x 1,000 = 30,000 People.
  • You potentially just gained 30,000 viewers to your blog! #winning

That is just the potential of 1 Tweet. Imagine if you get those kind of results from 10 to 15 tweets a day? In one day you can gain tons of twitter followers and a bunch of new blog subscribers. The possibilities are endless.

Take advantage of tending hashtags: This is very important to your business. Now, I’m not saying to just post something random and throw in the tops 5 trending hashtags because that is NOT going to do you any good and you will probably get banned from the search function totally screwing yourself. I’m talking about the days were the trending hashtags totally fall within your niche. Or even a trending hashtag that you can easily relate your post too. Trust me, when you see the perfect hashtag, you will know!

-Right now I have a Twitter account for this website and it’s doing pretty well. I get a very good amount of traffic just from Twitter and I haven’t had any time to even focus on it. I also run a twitter account for another business I work for and I am gaining about 5,000 followers a month and everything I tweet gets instant feedback. I’m talking ReTweets, Fav’s, Mentions, Reply’s; Some people are even suggesting to their followers to follow me. That is the type of crowd that you want. Period.

It’s not easy at first to gain followers but if your content is of good quality it shouldn’t be too long before you are getting ReTweets and activity to you Twitter account. Once you start gaining a little activity, you are pretty much set! Just keep up with the good work and more traffic and activity will soon follow. Imagine if you build your Twitter to 100,000 Followers? That is an enormous amount of people viewing your tweets every single day! Imagine how many ReTweets you will see!

No matter how effective you are at using twitter, you still have to take in account that it is completely free. Some marketing tools offer you to pay and “gain” followers. Those tools are mostly just a bunch of hype that will get you fake followers and no activity.

Create a Twitter Now! I’m telling you to try it out for at least 3 months, post unique tweets, don’t spam and I promise you that you will start seeing results right away.

Thank You for reading my blog! Please feel free to browse around and ask any questions in the comment section!