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Make Money From Your Blog or Website

Looking to generate some income for your website?

Good, I think we all want to generate some cash from our blogs or websites and earn a decent living off them. Even if you have a full-time job you still could earn a decent passive income online from just blogging. I make some money from Popular Blog Site but it isn’t enough to make me quit my full-time job, who knows if it ever even will be. What I do know is it is enough money to put towards things I enjoy doing without tapping into my budget from my full-time income.

So what are some ways to make money with your blog or website?

Generate Passive Income with Your Blog or Website

Here is a quick list with a few ways you can generate money on your website or blog.

  • Google Adsense
    • Google Adsense seems to be the best way to make money on your website or blog and seems to be everyone’s top choice. I currently am using adsense and I love that te ads target my users on all of my websites. If you have some great traffic volume you will receive some decent income with Google Adsense.
  • ShareaSale
    • Ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? Basically affiliate marketing is a way to direct your viewers to a product with your very own referral link and you typically get paid if the customer that followed your referral makes a purchase. ShareaSale is an excellent, free, affiliate platform that has thousands of affiliates offered commission on sales. You can actually access ShareaSale right here.
  • eBook
    • Is their a particular topic that you have a vast amount of knowledge about? Creating an eBook can generate you plenty of income if you actually write some great, unique content. It’s easy to sell an eBook if you have a community of people who trust you and know you are not selling them garbage. People who love your website or blog will spend money to learn even more in-depth information on whatever it is you write about and an eBook is a great engine to earn some extra money.
  • Private Advertising
    • I have a few colleagues who have actually been banned from adsense because in their younger years they were breaking the terms. An alternative to running an actually advertising network is to sell your own ad space privately. If you can calculate and manage your ads yourself, and you know people are willing to pay you directly for some ad space, then this is a great way to generate some cold hard cash from your online endeavors.
  • The Sky’s The Limit
    • There are literally thousands of ways to earn some extra money online and having a good quality website will help you get there, it just takes time. Like anything else, you are not going to become a millionaire overnight and if you do, then you should be mentoring me. Be creative. You can even sell products on your website that you create. Even the pet rock was a success and that wasn’t very creative at all, there was a market for it though and that’s why it sold. Don’t sell your users random products, make it relative to your niche or business.

Like I mentioned above, there are literally thousands of ways to generate money from your website or blog. Don’t just try one avenue, you definitely need to have multiple sources of income in case one of your sources fails. I have always mentioned to never give up and it is true. If you stick at anything for a long period of time you are going to perfect it.

Please feel free to share any ways that you generate money online, and please, no bogus scams or spamming. Tweet me or leave a comment below and we will discuss.