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Major Update | Disqus Comment System | Twitter/RSS/Google+ | Day 7

I have been hard at work with Popular Blog Site and it’s finally starting to show and pay off. Tonight will officially make a week old! Yes, It has only been 7 days now since I went live. I have already had over 200 unique visitors, and I also have over 220 followers on my twitter. Thank you Google Analytics for making my life so much easier and providing me a great free way to track my blog.

Major Update:

  • Brand New Comment System- I have implemented a great sociable comment system called Disqus. It is actually quite a popular comment plugin that blogs use to integrate social networks to blog posts. You can still post as a guest but now you can post using your facebook/twitter/etc. Now you have convenience and don’t have to worry about signing up to anything. Right now I have only a few people that have commented on my posts but it is a start. I encourage all of you to comment and leave a link to your blog in your comment. I am all for helping you get exposure.
  • Created a Twitter Account- We are now on Twitter. Nuff’ Said. Look to your top right and you will see a little blue birdy. That would be the link to my Twitter for PopularBlogSite. Follow me on there if you want more convenient updates.
  • RSS Feed- Right next to that twitter birdy is a black circle. That circle is the link to the RSS Feed. I suggest you subscribe to this feed if RSS is your thing. It will have every single thing I post on here.
  • Google+- I have added a Google+ “like” button to the top right of the website. Please help me out and like this page. It helps me get higher in the search engines and makes my page more visible. There is also a Google+, Facebook Like, and Twitter button on every single post. Right now is very important for me to get the word out in every way possible, so if you like something, please feel free to express it.
  • Recent Comments Menu- If you look also to the right, I put a Recent Comment widget so you can conveniently see the most recent comments without having to look through every post.
  • Contact & About Me Pages- I have finally added a way you can contact me. The link to the contact page is at the top. I have also added an about me page. Currently it’s empty. But I’ve already started writing it and I want it to be complete when I update the page so that page will eventually have something there.

I think that pretty much wraps it up for things that you can visually see. I have also been very busy doing things in the background to protect the website and to make things go a lot smoother once I get busy here. I’m hoping to get a constant stream of viewers within a month or two. I have already had great results and it’s only been 7 fricken days. I’m more then happy with the start of this blog.

This is my first blog, I’ve coded many websites but I never really had to write content. So please, cut me some slack. I’m very open to constructive criticism and any suggestions that you guys think might improve the website.

Please drop a comment and tell me what you think.