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Lost 25 Pounds in 61 Days! Feeling Great

I have officially lost 25 pounds in 61 days and I feel great! The best part of all of this is how I feel, I mean I feel like a brand new me. I am completely energized and that is the main goal I had, I just want to feel better.

I have been going to the gym every single morning before work and I have been mostly doing an hour of cardio. I use the elliptical machine and set the resistance all the way to the top. It sucked at first but now I am able to go the entire time nonstop and I burn over 600-700 calories every single time. I use to always be short of breath, now I am like an ox! I feel fantastic!

Here’s what’s funny, I’m still fat. I’m not really obese or anything like that, I am just doughy. I’m going to be introducing weight training to my regimen shortly to become harder and leaner.