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Looking For A Healthy Diet Snack? Try Seaweed

We all struggle to find healthy snacks when we are dieting but I have a good solution for your problem. Seaweed.

Wait, do you mean that green stuff in the ocean that looks nasty? Yes! Well, sorta. The seaweed I’m referring to is the stuff wrapped inside your sushi roll or if you go to certain market places they sell it dried and flavored.

If you are like me sometimes when you are dieting you just get that urge to overeat and if you grab the wrong item then you are screwed and have to start all over again. So instead of binging on sugary high carb. foods, binge on some seaweed. If you are grossed out by the idea well so was I until I tried it. It doesn’t taste much different than a potato chip. I usually get the dried seaweed with a teriyaki flavor on it and a bit of a salty taste and it is actually quite delicious.

Eat Seaweed For A Healthy Snack

dry seaweed

I tried doing some research for the health benefits of seaweed but they are pretty miniscule in comparison to something like lycopene in a tomato. Apparently they do offer some type of health benefits though and they also are very low in calories. I could eat an entire container and it is only about 80 calories for the whole thing! So if you can not stop the urge to splurge, then destroy a container of seaweed and then you won’t feel bad the next morning when you wake up.

Everyone gives you diet advice right? Well it’s hard when you need to go on a diet to listen to anybody but yourself. People always try to get you to not overeat but it’s very hard to stop a bad habit, especially at first. So if you are one of those people, like me, who enjoys overeating every once and a while, feast on some seaweed and you won’t be sorry.

  • I LOVE seaweed!! I’ve been eating this since I was a child – perhaps a toddler! I’m from Hawaii and we even eat the stuff from the ocean (certain ones, of course). I live in Iowa now and buy this at the Asian stores and eat it right out of the jar or package. Like you mentioned, it’s low calorie and tasty! 🙂

  • Admin

    Hey Wanda! That’s awesome! My girlfriend was born in Hawaii and she introduced me to seaweed! We now live in Illinois and go to this Asian marketplace that sells a huge variety. So tasty and see great for dieting! Thanks for commenting!