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Living Off Of Affiliate Sales – Dream Job?

We all look for that dream job right? We aim to be happy and we aim to make money but who here knows someone who has a high paying job yet is unhappy? It’s actually quite more common then you would think!

It could be you reading this right now but what made you stumble upon this article? Could it be my insanely good SEO skills? Well that is obviously not the case..wait, how the hell did you find this? However you found this, I am so glad you did!

I am trying very hard to live off of my multiple websites and affiliate sales have been a good source of income so far but not enough to completely live off of. Like most people, I have a regular 9-5 job that I don’t mind but I would love to have the comfort of residual income coming in at all times. I’m not trying to be a millionaire, I’m just trying to be financially comfortable just using myself.

Is Affiliate Sales the Golden Ticket?


No…well maybe. At this point in my life it is not my ultimate dream job. It’s actually a stressful, daunting task to keep my affiliates happy and to keep the sales flowing. The good news is, whenever I get an affiliate sale, I get paid once I hit the threshold of said company. The bad news is at this point it is completely random and I can have a dry spell for many days sometimes weeks. This does not give me the confidence to drop everything and just become Mr. Affiliate Man.

Another crappy thing for affiliate marketers is the fact certain states have this state tax situation thingy on online sales and this pisses affiliates off. I just had another affiliate dump me after realizing I live in the state of Illinois. Big companies like Walmart and Amazon for instance will not accept any applicants in a handful of states including Illinois because of some online tax law. As if this state wasn’t in the toilet enough…I haven’t done much research on it I just know what I need to know and that is I need to move out of this state if I want any heavy hitter affiliates. However I do manage.

Whoa whoa whoa, this doesn’t seem dreamy at all! Ok look, I’m sorry. I go off on rants and that is just a fact.

Dream Job – Work From Home – Affiliate Sales

If you can get an income that fits your needs then this is by far the greatest dream job you could ever imagine. You literally can work anywhere the internet exists and just collect your money as it flows in. Imagine being in your 5 star hotel working for a couple of hours and then shutting down the laptop and jumping in the pool! “I’ll take a Bloody Mary please”! This is all possible with the internet and a computer at your fingertips. Have a made you excited yet? What do you mean you don’t have your own website yet? Awesome affiliate link placement in 3…2…1… If you click through my Bluehost link(right here), you not only get a great hosting company, you get money off! If you go through me it is only $4.95/month! That is ridiculously cheap for top of the line website hosting!

You see how this works? You could be making affiliate income and also help people at the same time. It feels good to help!

Is This A 9 To 5 Job? Give Me A Break!


As of right now, I still have a 9-5 job and most likely will for a long time. However I also enjoy wasting money and eating. Gambling is one of my favorite past times and so is eating fine sushi. Oh no, I have bills to pay and a girlfriend that…She reads this blog so I’ll just leave it at that. Well with this extra income I can use it for the finer things in life which to me is a great game of 3 card poker after a few rainbow rolls at the Sushi Bar. I really enjoy this website thing so this extra income feels like free income. It is so cliche and true that working with something you enjoy never feels like work.

Find that dream job, whether it’s affiliate sales or cleaning toilets and become the best in your craft. Or you could become a weatherman and be wrong every single day and still be successful!