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Let’s Create 8 Days in a Week instead of 7

I propose that we create an 8 day week instead of 7 days.

Why wouldn’t this be possible? It’s not like time wouldn’t go the same speed and if we really cared about the way we track it now, couldn’t me still keep a legit timer on a computer of the old way?

Here’s the catch though…You are forced to relax on this 8th day and you can not do any kind of work once so ever. You are stuck just sleeping and sitting on the couch and resting for the entire day.

Of course there would have to be some sort of way to force us to relax and not work on this 8th day and that would be near impossible but this will never happen anyway so let’s have some fun.

Where does the Time go? “This Week Flew By”

8th day exhausted

We all catch ourselves saying “Wait what, it’s already 5:00? Where did the time go?” Well the time mostly flew by because you were glued to your desk working your ass off. How many weeks can you clearly remember in your lifetime? Not many, everything seems to become a blur to me as the next week passes. I don’t get enough sleep, I work all day and night, even on the weekend. But what if there was an 8th day where I was forced to just sleep and relax all day until Monday began?

I think we all could use a day dedicated (forced) to relax! Right now this is my mindset on weekends, “Yes, time to get all this work done I couldn’t finish during the week”. I rarely get enough sleep, I feel like I’m wasting precious time by sleeping, especially during the weekend. When is that last time you were able to truly sleep in and feel refreshed?

If not an 8th day, let’s find a way to be more relaxed and less stressed out. Who’s with me?