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King Of The Nerds Season 2

King Of The Nerds Season 2 will begin airing January, 23 at 9 PM CST on TBS.

The first season of King of the Nerds gained some popularity towards the end of the season and I’m guessing it will be popular again this season. If you watched KOTN last year, you will see that the same hosts will be making a return, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong. I just found out that they are also the executive producers of the show which means they will be raking in the big bucks for at least another season.

The cast of King of the Nerds for Season 2 seem to be a good ratio between male and female contestants so it should have the same vibe as Season 1. Surprisingly, multiple cast members are actually from Illinois. Last year, they all stayed in a mega nerd mansion called “Nerdvana” and had the times of their lives. However, multiple people think that the winner last year, Celeste Anderson wasn’t really a nerd but a good gamer that was able to “play” the other cast members to secure the winning title for Season 1.


King of the Nerds Season 2 Cast Members

It was revealed today who the cast members of the second season would be and I’m going to share that information with you down below:

  • Brian, age 27 from Urbana Illinois.
  • Chris, age 27 from Waco Texas
  • Jack, age 24 from Urbana Illinois
  • Josh, age 23 from Grayslake Illinois
  • Katie, age 24 from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  • Kayla, age 28 from Greenacres Washington
  • Kelsey, age 23 from Canton Georgia
  • Mary Kate, age 23 from Starkville Mississippi
  • Nicole, age 28 from Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • Xander, age 27 from Los Angelos California
  • Zachary, age 21 from Minneapolis Minnesota

You should expect to see guest appearances from the following celebrities:

  • Bill Nye The Science Guy
  • Big Bang Theory’s Maylm Bialik
  • Jon Heder
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Kumail Nanjiani
  • George Takei

I would assume Celeste will make a guest appearance but I could be wrong. You would think King of the Nerds would want to show off the first season’s winner at some point but who knows.

King Of The Nerds Season 2

I’m excited for King of the Nerds Season 2 to start and I’m glad it was granted at least one more season by TBS. Right now TBS is my go-to channel thanks to re-runs of Seinfeld and Family Guy. Also thanks to re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and of course brand new episodes of Conan every night. I’m sorry Pete Holmes fans but that show just isn’t funny to me so that could go which might get bumped once KOTN starts.

Good luck to all the contestants this season! The first place winner will be receiving a $100,000 dollar prize just like last year so I look forward to some intense nerd action. There will be a twist this season at the end of the show. Last year they had a vote to decide the winner but apparently this year it’s more based on “pure nerd skill” so this years winner will truly be crowned, King of the Nerds.