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King of the Nerds – New Game Show on TBS

I’m watching the season premier of this new game show called “King of the Nerds” and its awkwardly funny.

I’m assuming this is a real game show and not a reality TV, staged kind of show. The 2 hosts are the guys from the movie Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong.

For what I take of it, it seems to be a game show in which nerds try to out smart each other. Each cast member has their own particular nerdy trait that makes them unique.

One of the ladies on the show is a NASA Engineer apparently, and then you have this little Asian girl who is a pro gamer and can almost instantly solve a rubix cube.

king of the nerds

Who will be the King of the Nerds? (Game Show Winner)

Well, I have no idea. The show just premiered but I think if I happen to leave the channel running after Seinfeld & Family Guy is over, I might leave it on to watch another episode. I’m actually watching the re-run of the premiere I saw on TV earlier today. I’m at the part where they are playing each other in chess and it’s pretty cool how they destroy the pieces.

Something I Found Kind Of Funny (I Guess)

Remember in high school when you had to pick teams, and the people who were just not athletic, or the nerds were picked last? Well they picked 2 teams in this game show, and orange team and a blue team. They kept going back and fourth until only 1 person was left. Now until this point the last person standing was going home. But there’s a twist! The person who was picked last was definitely the weakest link but that also made them the strongest. What do you mean??

The game show host claims that since she was picked last, she is by far the nerdiest and now gets to pick which team gets to have a “bye” week and which team might have members eliminated. I thought it was somewhat funny…I guess.

I wonder if this show will even make it past the first season. With shows out like Big Bang Theory, I feel like everyone is trying to jump the nerd bandwagon and try to make them cooler than they really are. I’m all for the nerds, heck I am one I just happy to have a beautiful Asian Girlfriend, and some awesome friends. That’s right nerds, you can also have fun in non-nerdy ways as well. Start being optimistic.