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Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down Song of the Day

There are only a few artists that you can put on the same level as Johnny Cash. He has a distinctive voice like a Frank Sinatra, but then Cash is just capable of making you really feel the music when he voices it out. God’s Gonna Cut You Down has to be my favorite song by Johnny Cash and that’s why it has been chosen as the Popular Blog Site YouTube song of the day. Right off the bat this song has a hard drum beat that is consistent with a bell chiming in the background that just screams action movie trailer. You are not human if you don’t feel the impact of this song within your body when it is playing and Johnny Cash has that bone chilling voice in this song that just makes you feel a euphoric rush.

The way I interpret this song is that if you lie your entire time here on this earth, your going to be struck down. You can only be a fake for so long before you are found out. However, he mentions the gambler will be taken down and I really hope that isn’t the case because man do I love a casino!

Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down