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John Goodman on Howard Stern Show 12/09/13 Video

John Goodman on The Howard Stern Show which originally aired 12/09/2013. I included a link to the YouTube video below so you can watch and listen right here.

John Goodman is a hell of a guy and I fell in love with the guy when Roseanne was on. Roseanne was based in Illinois and John Goodman, aka Dan Connor, was an avid Bears fan and it was just cool to see my state and team on a hit sitcom. John Goodman is also known for The Big Lebowski which is a cult classic.

Howard Stern does a fantastic job as usual and gets to the bottom of John Goodman’s career starting with commercials then working his way into a hit sitcom, then a successful movie career.

John Goodman – The Howard Stern Show 12/13/2013

Goodman is incredibly humble and shows just how nervous and shy he can be. He also talks about his 30 year past of alcohol problems and even cocaine usage. This is definitely a listen to anyone who’s a fan.

YouTube Video of John Goodman on Howard Stern Show 12/13/13