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Joe Rogan Experience Episode #437 Scott Sigler

The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #437 featuring Scott Sigler.

Scott Sigler is an American author known for science fiction novels and horror books. Scott Sigler wrote Nocturnal, Ancestor, Infected, and Contagious. You might even say Scott is a marketing guru considering what he has done to build an online audience. Scott actually started giving away his self-recorded audio books for free online so people would have an incentive to listen to him. This actually worked because the people began enjoying his work thus buying his other work helping him gain money and fame.

Joe and Scott talk for a little under 3 hours and it’s a pretty good podcast. I didn’t really enjoy Episode #436 with Stefan Molyneux so this new one that came out today was quite refreshing.

The Joe Rogan Experience #437 – Scott Sigler

I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I did! I started this one at work and I’m actually finishing it right now so if the ending sucks, sorry! However i am sure it is good until the end.