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Jerry Seinfeld Shows How He Writes Jokes

The New York Times published a video yesterday about how Jerry Seinfeld writes his jokes. He describes a joke that took him 2 years to write about and that joke is about a poptart. He breaks down the entire joke into a 5 minute video and explains the beginning and the end of the joke about poptarts. He explains that he writes all his jokes with his left hand on a yellow padded piece of paper and a blue pen and also states that’s how him and Larry David wrote every episode of Seinfeld, the popular Television series.


Seinfeld goes on to to explain why he doesn’t type his jokes and then makes another joke about computer’s and says, “”I don’t like that cursor flashing at me like….so? what ya got?” Every time anything to do with Seinfeld is uploaded I get excited because I loved the television series which I have every episode and I watch them all the time. I embedded the video from the New York Times and you can watch it below.