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Is The World Going To End on Friday?

Well the date has finally come. On Friday the World is supposedly suppose to end and it has been talked about for years now. December 21, 2012 is the last day for the world to exist according to the Mayans right? I don’t really know much about the topic but I heard it’s just the end of their calender year and how can someone thousands of years ago predict that for now? I don’t think the world will end and NASA even states that nothing catastrophic is likely to even happen. I guess if on Thursday that all the rich people go on a spaceship to the moon we might be in some trouble.


Here is my theory on this world ending, According to the Mayan calender is states December 21, 2012 but what it doesn’t state is the leap years we have had and the time changes we have set in place. I think someone figured it would have technically happened a year and a half ago since the Mayans didn’t know about our time clocks. Either way, the world is not going to end and you will see blog posts from me on Saturday, December 22nd.

Noone knows when the world will end or if it even will end ever. No One has the answer to anything and this life we live could just be one meaningless tale. Who knows.