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Is Pandora Helping the Music Industry?

Ever since the release of Pandora I haven’t downloaded a single song. I’m not exactly sure how Pandora is allowed to play songs, I think it has something to do with the advertisers and them paying the record companies which is a definite plus for the music industry. I recently asked a friend if he downloads free music anymore since Pandora and applications like Spotify have been released and he has the same answer as me. He told me he hasn’t had to because he can still listen to whatever he wants.


Does My Opinion on Pandora Make Sense?

This is all my own opinion but I feel as if sites like Pandora have significantly benefited the record companies and also the person listening to the music. It definitely seems like a win-win to me. You would have to imagine the majority of the artists money comes from touring so it’s more like they are “appearance artists” rather than musicians. Feel free to weigh in on your opinion in the comment section and I will comment back as soon as possible.