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Is college pointless? Here’s my take on furthering your education

Is college pointless? Here’s my take on furthering your education

Right now I run this website and I’m doing pretty good for myself with the job I currently have already. I am 21 and I am going to college also. I am a Computer Science major with intent to at least get my Masters Degree. I might possibly go for my Doctorate just to be able to teach at a University level and be respected at my craft.

I am not going to college for the money and for the idea that school brings you success. I actually disagree that a degree is the only way to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, a degree definitely is for some people. People who like to just go to work and get your job done then go home and be done for the day, a degree is for you. A degree also shows that your able to take time to study and your smart enough to pass tests and what not. The main reason I’m going to school is to do exactly what I mention in the headline, further my education.

I’m a firm believer in knowledge is power. I am a power addict. I love having all the knowledge I can and I believe going to school will teach me the proper ways of going about computer science. Right now I am probably as knowledged at computer science and web programming as a fresh graduate from school and that is just from me teaching myself at a young age how to use a computer. I had my first website when I was 13 and I had to have it under my dad’s name just to keep things legal.

School is teaching me the proper terms for the things I have been doing for years already and it is giving me the ability to learn the things I might have skipped over or really didn’t take time to teach myself. Now that is a positive thing about school. There’s also a few negative things in my eyes.

Right now I work full-time and pay my complete tuition. Now I’m currently only at a community college so the tuition isn’t as expensive but in 2 years when I transfer to a university, I will be paying the big bucks. Not only does tuition cost a few thousand dollars for me right now, but the books alone are insanely expensive! I think the whole textbook industry for college is a huge SCAM! I have yet to really have to use my damn textbook in the first place. I can find all the information I need online with a simple Google search. Every year a new edition of a textbook comes out so they can charge you a fresh $400.00 for a new book which is almost identical to the previous edition. It makes you think someone in the school industry is getting paid off and makes a fraction of commission for every textbook sold. Hmmm..

I’m already successful in my eyes and I just started college. What do you guys think?