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I’m happy, Haters gonna hate, Stay out of my business, Popular Blog Site

It’s funny how people care so much about other peoples lives and it seems that they don’t care much about theirs. People try and act like they know what the hell is right and wrong for you when they can’t even understand what the hell to do with themselves. I’m doing just fine thank you, stay out of my business. It’s true, haters gonna hate. That’s about all they do, is hate. I can be positive every second of the day but to a hater, that’s showing off.

Are you mad? I’m sorry your life sucks. Mine doesn’t. I have a beautiful girlfriend, who loves the shit out of me. She’s the best thing in my life. You know why? Is it because shes rich and a supermodel? No, it’s because she genuinely loves me. I could care less about what she looks like at this point. She means the world to me and that’s it. That’s all I need.

Years go by and you realize who cares and who doesn’t. Well sorry to say, many people don’t, at least for me. I see one person who cares about me, that’s her. My girl. And that is all I need to stay happy.

I use to always want materialistic things, the cars, the clothes, the mansions. Well all those things kick ass. But being lonely with all those things means your still unhappy. I have everything I could ever want and I am still very young. I am thankful to have what I do have. You see people everyday who have it bad, who don’t even have what we think is normal stuff, like internet. I bet you theirs people out there just to be able to have a Twitter or a Facebook because they thinks only the richer people can have internet.

Sorry about the rant, somebody pissed me off. When it comes done to it, there is someone for everyone. That’s all you need in life to be happy. Food, Water, a place to stay, and a significant other. I hope one day to have a beautiful loving family, that is my life goal.