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I Think I’m Addicted To Diet Coke or Maybe Carbonation

Before you all tell me how bad Diet Coke is I already am well aware. I drink a couple cans a day and it’s definitely a habit I need to break.

However I am an emotional eater/drinker, well not alcoholic, but I guess Soda. I just enjoy that carbonated taste with the added Caffeine. Some people drink coffee every single day, I drink a couple cans of Diet Coke. It has to be Diet Coke though, not Diet Pepsi, Diet Pepsi tastes terribly. A Diet Coke can be left open for a few hours and still taste good later on.

Let’s face it, we all have vices. I’m not someone who’s into drugs or alcoholic or even smoking cigarettes. However I do love food and pop. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately so I have been eating like shit and drinking way to much pop. Here’s the positive thing I do though. Most people who drink Diet Coke like myself drink nothing but Diet Coke all day, meaning no water. I also drink about 2 gallons of water a day while I’m at work. I put a big bottle of water in front of myself and I find myself filling it about 6 times every single day.

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Now if I can just cut the Diet Coke out completely then I would be pretty solid but I’m too damn stressed right now to do that and it’s all I have. I sound like a crack addict but I am definitely addicted to pop. It would be quite hard to just quit cold turkey but I think I could gradually ween myself off. I’m just not ready yet. When the time is right, I will be back to my healthy self.