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I need to learn how to get some sleep

I haven’t been sleeping good at all lately! I have been waking up at 6 in the morning and going to bed at about 1 in the morning. Plus or minus a few hours in between where I can’t fall asleep.

Why am I doing this to myself? Well here’s the problem. I have a full-time job that sucks up my entire day. From 7am to about 6pm I am involved with working with that job. Then as soon as I get home I try to do as much work as possible with my websites including this one. If I didn’t have the full-time job, I would be able to stay 100% focused on my websites. However, Money doesn’t grow on tress and my website’s aren’t exactly there yet when it comes to earning enough income to be comfortable.

It definitely nice having a “for sure” source of income and it makes all the money I make online even more exciting because it’s like bonus income. I don’t feel as bad for splurging on sushi or blowing it all at the casino. I do love me some sushi and gambling. I think I’ll just have to do both this weekend, how does that sound? Sounds fantastic to me!

When the hell will I sleep though?


Well for now I just will do without. I seem to be catching up every weekend with sleep but it’s totally worth it. These websites aren’t going to build themselves you know. Hopefully exactly one year from now I will be able to live completely off my website income. That will also give me leverage when negotiating my pay at my full-time job.

Sleep, I’m sorry you have to wait for now but I promise when I’m rich I will over do it with sleep. Here’s how you readers can help me reach my goals faster, ReTweet my posts, like them on Facebook, google +, share them in any way possible. I need help spreading the word! Thank You!