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I Need More Facebook Likes – Please Help

As of the time of this post I only have 40 Facebook likes on my Popular Blog Site Facebook page.

If you compare that to my Twitter account, which has more than 11,500 Followers, that is an intense gap! I have mastered the art of Twitter followers but I am a rookie when it comes to getting Facebook likes. Please help me out and like my page on Facebook and invite your friends to like me on Facebook.

The more people I get liking Popular Blog Site on Facebook, the more content I can publish, for free mind you. I love writing for free and as of right now Popular Blog Site pays for itself, but I’m getting more and more hits a day and I might need to move Popular Blog Site to a higher bandwidth server and that costs money. I don’t want to charge any money for content, I want to have it all for free with just a little bit of advertising around the website.

You can look on the right sidebar of the website and see that you can like me on Facebook right there, or you can directly go to the page right here.