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I Have Some Awesome Twitter Followers @PopularBlogSite

Everyone who follows me on Twitter has been nothing shy of awesome! I have some of the coolest followers that exist on Twitter and it has been such an awesome experience.

I’m so glad I decided to start a Twitter for Popular Blog Site because it has been an awesome way to connect with my followers and blog readers and I am also inspired every single day from your tweets!

Being able to instantly express my feelings or to post a blog posts I just created and see people jump on my website in real time is a beautiful thing. I was looking at my statistics last night and Twitter has been a major marketing success for Popular Blog Site. I receive a competitive amount of traffic from Twitter that makes my organic search results not as important. Don’t get me wrong, I love my search engine traffic, but if something were ever to happen, I have Twitter as a backup plan.

Twitter Followers Are Freaking Awesome!

Twitter Header Popular Blog Site

Wait..You are not following me on Twitter yet? Follow me @PopularBlogSite and become awesome like the rest of my followers. As of right now I am closing in on 11,000 followers. I can’t even believe this. I remember when I had barely 100 followers and absolutely no Twitter activity once so ever.

Now my iPhone is constantly blowing up with Twitter feed notifications and every single time I check my Twitter I have someone Tweeting me or someone ReTweeting me and it’s such a rush for me!

I Am Constantly Active On Twitter

If you Tweet me, I will Tweet you back! I Promise! Just ask any of my great followers how active I am. I love Twitter and I love you guys. If I don’t reply instantly I am probably sleeping or at work and once I check my phone I will Tweet you back right away. I also love to ReTweet people who ReTweet me!

I even have celebrities giving me activity on Twitter. Check out this fav from my favorite radio legend Howard Stern:

Howard Stern Favorited My Tweet

Yes, that is the real Howard Stern! It blew my mind waking up to that! Made my YEAR! It’s amazing how having such a Popular Blog Site I am able to communicate with such influential people that inspire me who other wise would not be communicating with me.

Give me a Tweet guys, I love learning new stuff and I love sharing interesting Tweets!