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I have been quiet today on here

Sorry that you guys haven’t heard much from me today, I have been EXTREMELY busy! This entire week so far I have worked 12+ hours each day and today I worked 14. Tomorrow another 14. The money is good I can’t complain but I am exhausted. I almost go to school full-time on Tuesdays & Thursdays and whatta ya know, today was Thursday. When I got home from school today I had to do a project for an online course I’m taking and turn that in. So I literally just sat down and logged in to the blog. I wish I could spend every minute of the day focused on here but unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I can’t right now. Someday I hope to do this full-time though so I appreciate you guys bearing with me so far.

I have had great responses from you guys and multiple comments on almost every post that is important. It is so great to see this much progress already and today being March 1, 2012, has now been out for an official month. I started the website February 1, 2012. I figured it would take 6 months to a year before I would even get a comment but I’ve already have had multiple. I even have had communication with important people and celebrities. The likes of Dave Hester, Alyssa Milano, and PinkBerry Chicago.

So Thank for visiting and stay tuned for more. Each day I try and implement more and more ideas I have an eventually I’ll have a system. For now just bookmark my site and tell your friends!