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I Hate How Gas Pumps Ask You For A Car Wash

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere else but I hate it.

It’s bad enough I have to pay over $4.00 a Gallon for Gas but then it takes seriously 5 minutes to go through the on screen process while paying with my credit card outside on the pump. I slide my card in, I want to just be able to pump my expensive gas. I don’t want a $.99 soda pop, and I don’t want a damn car wash. Especially when it’s below freezing in Chicago! Can you at least shut the feature off when it’s too cold outside?

Now when it’s too cold outside the gas pumps by my freeze up and work extremely slow. Now this is something that I can understand and it must be hard to prevent this. But take some of the dame steps out of the program and just let me slide my card, then pump my gas. If I wanted a snack or a car wash, I would one pull up directly to the car wash or two go inside the damn gas station and buy my soda pop or snack.

Gas Pumps, Stop Asking Me Questions!

gas pump

It’s very frustrating when you have to hurry up for work, or something else, and you need to go get gas. Then when you get to the gas station it takes another 5 minutes just to get the gas pumping. Then you’re really screwed if it’s a slow gas pump. That’s a good 20 minutes at the gas station for a full tank of gas. I want to pull in and go, If I wanted to stay there for 20 minutes I’d go inside and pay with cash. /endrant