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I Can’t Wait For The Summer Time

I am so excited for Summer this year.

I live in Chicago and it has just been cold and crappy weather for too damn long. I got spoiled last year because there were days in February where I was able to go to the beach, in Chicago. I thought Global Warming had took it’s toll but no, not lately apparently. It has been awfully cold lately.

Anyways, I didn’t go on a vacation last summer but this summer I am definitely planning on going somewhere. My girlfriend and I are thinking Vegas. I love gambling and I love the desert heat.

This summer I also plan on purchasing a car. I already own my own car but it was originally purchased by my dad before I bought him from him last year. This summer I will hopefully have enough money saved up for a hefty down payment on a beautiful car.

I Just Can’t Wait For The Summer Time

beach girls

Anybody else looking forward to some warm summer? I love going to the beach and I love being able to just walk around everywhere and not have to dress warm. My favorite way to dress is with shorts on and a plain t-shirt and just enjoy the sun.

It’s also very hard to figure out things to do when it’s snowing outside and freezing cold. I usually end up at the casino or hanging out inside my house. I’d much rather be outside enjoying a bonfire, or in my backyard with friends enjoying some beer.

I just can’t wait until the summer time is here.