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Howard Stern Show – January 6, 2014 Full Show

The Howard Stern Show for January 6, 2014 is now available on YouTube for the time being.

Howard Stern weighs in on Bob Grant’s Death which was a pretty emotional topic for Howard. Stern explains how his father always listened to Bob Grant on the radio and how Stern basically crafted his career by being influenced by Bob Grant.

He also admit to being an ass to Bob Grant when he was still alive by denying him a chance to talk to each other. You can tell in Howard’s voice that he deeply regrets not being able to talk with Bob Grant before his passing. The rest of the show is pretty good and I believe this is the first show for 2014.

Howard Stern Show 1/6/2014

Here is the wrap-up of the show:

Back Live — Bob Grant’s Death. 01/06/14. 6:00am
Christmas Party Discussions And More. 01/06/14. 6:40am
Howard’s Vacation In Mexico. 01/06/14. 7:10am
Howard’s Latest Movie And TV Reviews. 01/06/14. 7:40am
Phony Phone Calls, Bits, Birthday Show Talk And More. 01/06/14. 7:45am
A Birthday Show Ticket Giveaway Game. 01/06/14. 8:20am
Song Parodies And More. 01/06/14. 8:25am
Hanzi Calls In. 01/06/14. 8:40am
Howard’s Christmas Card In The News. 01/06/14. 8:45am
Top 5 Songs, New Year’s Countdown, Joey Boots Clips And More. 01/06/14. 8:55am
Gary’s Son Jackson Visits. 01/06/14. 9:25am
Robin’s News. 01/06/14. 9:45am

YouTube Video: