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Howard Stern Show December 4, 2013

Howard Stern Show December 4, 2013.

Episode Recap:

  • Kanye West Interview Clips. 12/04/13. 6:00am
  • Underdog Lady Clips. 12/04/13. 6:15am
  • Clips Of Janice Dickinson Bad Mouthing Howard. 12/04/13. 6:55am
  • Howard’s Germ Phobia. 12/04/13. 7:15am
  • A Birthday Show Ticket Game. 12/04/13. 7:20am
  • Robin’s Broken Toe And More. 12/04/13. 7:35am
  • Killing Time Before Kirstie Alley. 12/04/13. 8:00am
  • Kirstie Alley Visits. 12/04/13. 8:10am
  • One Boring Sex Story. 12/04/13. 9:45am
  • Robin’s News. 12/04/13. 9:50am

Currently this episode is available(audio) on YouTube, however at the time of you reading this it could possibly be taken off for copyright reasons. So far now, enjoy the full audio Howard Stern Show that was recorded December 4, 2013.


Howard Stern Show 12/4/2013 – Kirstie Alley

The episode runs for a little over 3 and a half hours so if your bored or at work, give it a listen. It will definitely help you pass the time. I strongly suggest you getting a subscription to Sirius XM so you can listen to Howard Stern live!