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How to get Blog Traffic, Viewers, and Followers

Here is my personal suggestions on how to successfully achieve blog traffic and to get more viewers coming daily.

Now we all want to obtain traffic to whatever it is we are promoting. A product, a website, a blog, etc. Whatever it may be, no one will see it unless you do the proper things to get people there. Here is my quick list of things to do to start seeing more daily viewers coming to your blog.

  • Content: Keep posting! The more content the better. The more information you have the more search engines like google will index and pick up on your blog. Once the viewer has then accessed your blog there is now a better chance they will check out other information you have provided.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization: This is KEY. How did you get to this post? Most likely you searched for “How to get blog traffic” and it brought you here. That is I have great SEO plugins to make my life easier.
  • Social Networking: What better way to build traffic then to use a website that already has millions of viewers? Create a Twitter/Facebook account and post valuable status updates and share links to your blog. Don’t Spam. People will not come to a website that shows spam. You will also get banned from Twitter/Facebook. Also you can connect with people in your same business field and exchange great information and possibly exchange links to each others sites.
  • Comment Other Blogs: Add something valuable to the conversation, you never know who’s listening. It could lead to great opportunities.
  • KEEP AT IT: I can’t tell you how many people give up after a short time with no progress. People, it takes time. Be patient. Some websites I stumble upon from time to time only have a couple posts most recently dating back 2 years ago. You can’t expect anything to happen without KEEPING AT IT. A local restaurant doesn’t close after 1 month of low volume.

There is so much you can do to get traffic. I will eventually write more tips of what I personally do to help you guys out there. For now if you have any questions please comment below and I will try to get to them as fast as possible.