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How I Doubled My Unique Traffic This Month

In November, my unique traffic report shows that I had 3,648 unique visitors for the entire month. In the internet world that doesn’t really seem like a lot of unique traffic but it is a definite start. Now it is only the middle of December and I already have doubled my unique traffic. It is December 16, 2012 and I already have 6,951 unique visitors that have checked out my Popular Blog Site. What that translates into is in nearly half the amount of time, I have doubled my traffic from the previous month. Still it’s only 6,951, but that is what I am looking for at the time being. It shows that I have been progressing and that is something every blogger loves to see happening. I’m going to try and be more transparent with you guys more often also meaning that you will get a better idea of what kind of unique traffic is receiving.

December Unique TrafficSo how does one double their unique traffic in a month? The way I did it was pretty easy and I didn’t spend a penny on advertising or any other form of marketing. Unless you count time, it was completely free to double my traffic. I took advantage of social media as in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Feedburner. Twitter has been very beneficial for this website since the start which I now have a steady amount of followers who check out my blog. I also am taking advantage of organic search engine traffic. It’s not very impressive at this point in time but it will get there. Since December 1, I have been writing excellent content and it is already showing in the search traffic, which will only continue to direct unique IP’s toward this blog site if I continue to do so. In the meantime, social media has been filling in those gaps. One other way that I can think of that has given me traffic is posting on other blogs. I read thousands of blogs every month and every time I feel like I can add to the conversation, I’ll comment that blog. Make sure you link your website to the comment which is very common, but do not spam it. You will just make everyone run away from your blog even if you have good intentions.

Let’s sum this up:

My goal for January is to get 10,000 unique visitors on Popular Blog Site without having to pay a dime in marketing or advertising. I will be posting that once January is over and hopefully I get close to 10,000 by the end of this month also.