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How Do You Get A Blog

How do you get a blog? If you are asking how do you get a blog then you have come to the right place! There are a bunch of ways to get a blog or create a website for that matter and I will go over the best ways to get a blog right now.

How Do You Get a Blog: The Free Way

So you are interested in creating your own blog and you have no idea what you are doing. Maybe you want to express your opinions and not make money off them or maybe your planning on creating a blog just to make money. Whatever your reason may be you can do it all for free. I think going with this option at first could be a very beneficial thing for you to do if you are brand new to this business. Also if you decide that blogging isn’t your thing after all, you didn’t waste any money testing out the blog world.

Where do you go to create a blog for free? Well you have a ton of options but I’m going to go over 2 right now to keep it easy for you. Right now, there are 2 very good websites that offer a free blog website for you to build and develop.

-These websites have great tutorials and great resources to teach you everything you need to know about creating a blog. This website you are currently reading uses the software developed by WordPress and by using their free website services you can learn all the basics of using their software. If you know of any great free website hosts please leave them in the comment section.

Disadvantages of Free blogs: You are not going to have a URL like I have. It will most likely be a URL like “” instead of just In order to have your own “.com” or URL you need to pay for that. Also any content that you publish isn’t really owned by you. If your posting some great unique content I suggest you post it on a paid URL that you own personally.

How Do You Get A Blog: The Paid Way

-If your someone who knows the business or someone who can pick up things rather quickly, I suggest you go with this route. Yes, your paying for a website that isn’t making any money right now, but it will pay for itself in the long term if you know what you are doing. You get your own unique URL or “.com” or “.net”, whichever URL extension that is available you can purchase.

Where do you go to buy a Blog or website? I wish I could list every option that exists but there are thousands. I would suggest you use a reputable hosting company. I’ll suggest one right now. I Highly Recommend BlueHost. Click on the banner to sign-up right now!

This website is currently hosted with HostGator and I have been having a great time using them. I also bought the Domain from them so its a 2 for 1 deal. I am offered unlimited bandwidth, and most companies will offer that at this point. When I first created a website when I was 13, that wasn’t the case. It was very hard to get unlimited bandwidth for a decent price. Now you don’t have to worry about that and you can get pretty cheap hosting with unlimited bandwidth. If some company isn’t offering the bandwidth to be unlimited, I suggest you look elsewhere.

-If you know of any good places to buy Domains or Hosting please leave it in a comment on the bottom.

How Do You Get a Blog: What to do once you bought a URL and HOST

-There are multiple ways you can show content when someone visits your blog. If you know how to code html, or php, then feel free to just make your own custom pages. However, the easiest way to create content and the most user friendly way, is to install a platform that you can login to and just post whatever you want without having to manually code things.

What is the best software to install and use? Back in the day, I use to use a content management system before WordPress was even around. Things were much more complicated about 8 years ago so be thankful that it has become very easy to have your own blog at this point in time. It will continually get easier also so that is a positive for you and me. If this was 8 years ago I would probably suggest Mamba, Joomla, or even PHP Nuke but those are a thing of the past in my portfolio. They are all good systems, but WordPress is where it is at right now.

Use WordPress, it’s simple and effective: Please save yourself time and headaches and use WordPress for your blog. I know my host uses cPanel and you can install WordPress directly from my hosting company. If you are brand new to this, this is the way to go. WordPress offers everything you need to keep and maintain your blog. Most websites you go to right now use WordPress believe it or not, especially blog websites.

-They offer Plugins, Widgets, Themes, SEO, and a ton of support from the WordPress community. You can go to to get all that information.

Hopefully at this point you are no longer asking, Hey Man; How Do You Get a Blog? I hope this post was very informative and It was quick and to the point enough without boring you to death.

-If you have any further questions please comment on this post and I will try my best to reply to each and everyone of them. This advice I’m giving is from years of experience. I have been working on websites for over 10 years now and I can help you with some insight.

Thank You for Reading!