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Healthy Salad with Dressing

Can salads actually be healthy and delicious? I think so.

Eating a salad is like using a generic crayon. It will get the job done but there are so many other options that are much better. A healthy salad with the right dressing can be quite delicious.

For instance, I live in Chicago and we have a restaurant you may be familiar with called Portillos. Portillos is incredible and never disappoints no matter what your getting off their menu. Now I’d rather have a jumbo hotdog with some cheese fries and a vanilla shake…I’m salivating. Lost my train of thought there, they actually have awesome salads. I particularly enjoy their dressing they use with the chopped salad so this is what I do to recreate my own version.

Healthy Salad with Dressing


A healthy salad might as well be called a salad because I’m guessing now matter what you put on your salad you are eating much healthier then you normally would. For example, instead of 3 jumbo hotdogs I could scarf down, I’m eating a chopped salad.

Now I’m trying to shred a few pounds and save some money in the process. I have been using lettuce and mozzarella cheese to make a delicious, healthy salad that I can eat everyday. Sometimes I’ll even add chicken to the mix however the days I don’t it’s because I’m too lazy to cook the chicken.

Then after I mix it all together, I put some of the Portillos House Dressing on top of it and it tastes pretty damn good! Luckily they sell the dressing at the restaurant so I have a few containers of house dressing in my fridge.

Eat Salad, Lose Weight and Gain Motivation


Eating a salad is going to make you lose weight unless your eating some ridiculous salad that’s more like a burger with some lettuce. When you lose weight, you gain confidence and energy. This will turn into even more motivation to push you to the next step in your weight loss journey.

So my advice to you is to find something you enjoy eating that isn’t bad for you and stay consistent. A quote I really enjoy is “Be the best version of you, that you can be” which means try your damn hardest every single day and you won’t be disappointed tomorrow.