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Having A Bad Day? Look At It This Way…

Are you constantly finding that you are having a bad day? Could it be because of work or because of someone effecting you to feel this way?

Here is a weird way to be positive throughout your day. We all enjoy something in life right? I really enjoy casino’s and eating, not exactly the best traits but it’s something I could look forward to which makes my life much more exciting and fun. I also love spending time with my beautiful girlfriend and having her is really all I need.

Now we all have terrible things going on like a death of a family member or having to work a long day, everyday.

Think About It This Way – Give It A Go

How many hours of the day is a “Bad” day for you? Is it 4 hours? Maybe it’s an extreme amount of time like 14 hours? Guess what though! There is a point in time each and every day where you can enjoy some if not most of your time. What you need to realize is no matter what happens during your “Bad” time, that time is allows going to happen and will always pass.

Confused? Good, it’s pretty confusing until you understand. Whoa, I just blew my own mind. Anyways, look, after the bad time is over you have the time of your day that is enjoyable. Try and enjoy that fun time in your schedule to the fullest and you also need to realize that the more time you spend having a good day, the less time you will spend having a bad one.

Something A Bit Morbid – Getting Dark On This One

Each and every single one of us have 1 positive thing in common. There will be a day when we all die. It’s scary and it’s something that scares the hell out of me because existence of something will last forever and missing all that information is what bothers me the most. No matter what you believe in, you will die right? So why not imagine that today is your last day as a human on earth and realize whatever you are doing should be enjoyable. If you knew you were going to die, I guarantee you the day before wouldn’t be a bad day for you.

Just a alternative and interesting way to look at things…