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Halo GrifBall Pro – New Matchmaking Game

Halo GrifBall is a brand new matchmaking game introduced by Halo today.

It’s almost like playing soccer or hockey. They give you a hammer and a sword and you have to run to the ball and score a goal.

It is actually pretty fun and I am playing it right now. It’s cool that the company running Halo now keeps it updated and makes it more fun for the player. This is probably the best Halo game I have ever played since the franchise began. The matchmaking games are fun, and now with the addition of GrifBall, it is even more exciting.

Halo GrifBall Pro Xbox 360 Matchmaking Game

Halo GrifBall

It included the regular Red vs. Blue team set up and it is a goal scoring type game. Each map is designed as a square and you need to press X to grab the ball in this one. It is actually quite difficult to score a goal. I also keep getting betrayed in this game because it is all hammer action even though you get a sword too.

I find the best way to score is to rally the entire team in a big circle because you get unlimited sprint when you have the ball. Then you can jump really high and avoid getting hit by the hammer. You deifnitely need a good team helping out or else it is complete chaos.

Well I’m going to continue to play more GrifBall on these brand new square maps! This is fun!