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Google Authorship Reduced in Search Results

It has officially been confirmed that Google has reduced their authorship from appearing in the search results according to SEL. This means unless your a big deal your picture won’t show up in the search results anymore even if you are using the author tag.

People seem to think the author isn’t what’s important but more of the website authority. Most of my author tags have fell off the face of the earth however my rankings have remained the same. Google, your really starting to chap my ass here.

About 4 months ago, I went through all the proper procedures to create a Google+ Account and to get my self authorized. Every time I feel like I have invested some time into something, it almost always turns into a waste of time.

Google Authorship Reduced in Search Results


Matt Cutts announced that this would be happening a few months ago and it have inevitably just happened. I was unaware until yesterday that my author picture stopped showing up in search results and now I know why.

Google, what the hell guys. I have always fully supported you guys but your making it hard for the guy like me who’s trying to earn an honest living online. There is millions of guys out there like me just trying to stay up to date with all the current trends that keep us afloat.

Every time I listen to what Google is saying it seems that a major update happens and then there is a new agenda of things you should be doing. I’m just going to focus on my social media platforms and hope the SEO just falls into place. Content is king and I hope Google starts showing my author tag again!