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Google Analytics April Fool’s Prank – International Space Station Control Room

Google Analytics pulled a fast one today with their April Fool’s prank! I went to my Google Analytics for Popular Blog Site and something seemed out of the ordinary!

I looked down at the real-time analytics map and noticed a hit in a weird location that had 41 unmarked visitors.

I must admit that I was fooled because I showed my girlfriend the mouse over of the International Space Station Control Room and I was in disbelief. As I was trying to screenshot it for you guys, I accidentally clicked on it and it showed right away that is was an April Fool’s joke!

April Fool’s Prank by Google Analytics

Google Analytics has officially tricked me with their clever April Fool’s joke and I hope they trick thousands of other webmasters today! Take a look for yourself!

Google Analytics April Fools Prank

Well I guess it is a good thing that the International Space Station Control Room isn’t spying on my website after all and that this is just a fun little April Fool’s joke! I rarely get fooled but Google, this time you win.

  • Rahul

    Exactly same problem in Analytics report i’m facing and they actually moving around the globe..

    What a funny joke!!!… my heart was about to burst due to this unknown huge traffic but it’s now clear that most of the Analytics owner facing exactly same issue right now..

  • Admin

    I talked about this with a few other web owners and they also were initially shocked and excited! What a good prank! lol