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Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula Review

Garden of Life Perfect Food Super Green Formula Review
Who actually has time to get in all their healthy nutrients in their body everyday? I know I don’t, but with products like Perfect Food Green Formula I can get those healthy nutrients in a convenient powder or even capsule and can drink it on the go.

Thanks to companies like Garden of Life, I can now just mix the powder with water and a shaker cup, and not have to plan out meals and cook vegetables.

Luckily I know this guy who has connections to a rep for the company and he gave me a couple free samples to try. First time I took it I took the pure powder version and mixed it with water. The taste was like drinking the liquid out of a pan that you used to cook veggies, ya not the best taste. But they do make it in capsules eliminating that problem. I’d say after 20 minutes or so I already felt almost a boost in energy and felt much more hydrated. I’m convinced this is good stuff and I am going to be buying the Garden of Life brand to help me with my liquid diet.

Tomorrow I am starting an all liquid diet for at least 21 days to cleanse my body of all toxins and to loose some body fat. I’m actually excited to do my body some good and I will be blogging every single day with my exact meal plans and how much weight I loose and how I feel.