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Garden of Life FucoThin Green With Svetol Coffee Bean Extract

Garden of Life FucoThin Green is a new product that has the trademarked Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract in it.

As you might know, Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract was mentioned on Dr. Oz for weight loss and the supplement community exploded with Green Coffee Bean sales.

I just bought myself a bottle of FucoThin Green by Garden of Life and I’m going to start taking it and see if I see any results. The bottle mentioned that in a clinical study, more people lost pounds of fat with the Svetol Green Coffee Bean than those who took the placebo pills. Placebo meaning pills that had no ingredients in them. Garden of Life has always been a legitimate company and I respect every product they release because they actually care about our well being as a human and don’t just care about the money.


This formula has RAW concentrated  fucoxanthin plus the RAW green coffee bean extract. The box claims that the Xanthigen will increase your metabolic rate, which I hope is true, I could use all the hope I can get. I plan on taking 3 a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. It comes with 90 capsules so we will see after I run out of the bottle if it helps at all.

Garden of Life FucoThin Green Coffee Bean Extract


I will be dieting as well, I started a diet last week and I will continue to be eating healthier. Like I said, I started dieting last week but it kind of was a weak diet. I kept eating pretty good, but I had a couple times where I had some cheat meals. Starting on Monday I will make zero exceptions. I like to start off with an easy diet week just to get in the rhythm of the more severe dieting.

With the help of the Garden of Life FucoThin Green supplement, I should be well on my way to lose some weight. I want to lose about 50 pounds and we will see if it happens. Oh, I mean, it will definitely happen. Confidence Son!