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Fredde Computer Work Station from IKEA

I just recently purchased the FREDDE Computer Work Station from IKEA.

If you don’t have an IKEA by you it’s an enormous warehouse type store that sells all sorts of home furniture. IKEA is pretty cool if you just bought a house and need ideas for your new home and the prices are also reasonable. I happen to have a couple IKEA’s right by my house so I go there whenever I need some type of desk or table.

I just went there this past weekend and bought a brand new computer desk, work station type set up. The room I use for my office is rather small so I am always limited to what I purchase. That being said, I’m always looking to maximize the little bit of space that I do have.

FREDDE Computer Work Station in Black


After looking at everything IKEA had to offer, I finally felt like “this is the one”. My current computer set up is a custom tower computer, 2- 32 inch computer monitors, 2 KRK Rokit 6 Powered monitors, and a bunch of other bells and whistle that don’t seem to want to fit on a traditional desk.

I like having some desk space to write some things down from time to time and because this desk is elevated in multiple locations, I am able to hold all my goodies and still have adequate desk space to get some work done. It did take me around 2 hours to build this thing, however I was by myself and I have a very small room so I was moving things around the whole process. I definitely recommend a drill that allows you to change the bit to the special type of screw they use. It made my job much easier when I was putting together the bottom parts that hold the computer tower.

I would definitely recommend this desk if you have a limited space and need to optimize the space you do have to work with without feeling cramped. I have only had this desk for a few days now but I am very happy with this purchase. Now, time to get some work done!

  • Chris M.

    What’s the clearance on the bottom shelves wondering if my computer tower will fit.

  • Del

    “I would definitely recommend this desk if you have a limited space and need to optimize the space”
    WAT?! Its a giant 6 foot long desk and wastes a ton of space….

  • Khaleel Siddiquee

    will a midi tower case fit in the bottom? a Zalman Z11 Specifically

  • unonimous

    what is the package dimensions? Can I carry it in my Honda Civic?

  • would it fit two 27inch monitors side by side?

  • noob168

    yeah if u remove the top shelf

  • noob168


  • noob168

    it should fit..there’s plenty of room. even if u have usb ports on the top like my dell xps 8700

  • noob168

    probably not? its pretty long

  • noob168

    actually u should be able to w/o removing the top shelf. there’s actually a lot of room.

  • noob168

    it should…

  • PopularBlogSite

    Agreed, I have a pretty tall computer case and it fits with a few inches of room available on top.

  • PopularBlogSite

    I have a 2014 Camry and I was barely able to fit the box in. It came with 2 separate boxes and I had to fold the backseats down. Definitely find someone with an SUV or Truck for this one.

  • PopularBlogSite

    They definitely should fit if you have the top shelf on the highest slot. Side by Side shouldn’t be a problem, I have one 32 Inch Monitor next to a 20 Inch Monitor and it fits fine.

  • PopularBlogSite

    Yes it should.

  • PopularBlogSite

    I see your point and it’s definitely a valid one. I happen to have a very small room where my office is and this desk fit like a glove. Granted, I had to build this desk in the room and it’s not leaving the room unless I dissemble it.

  • Joey G.

    will it fit 3 20″ ultrawide monitors or only 2

  • Tyler

    will this fit a full size tower?? last time i looked i measured for a mid, but didn’t measure for a full. my tower is now
    22.28″ x 8.07″ x 20.28″

  • guest

    What’s the height of the table top? Is it a comfortable height for working the keyboard and mouse?

  • James Owens

    The box is 5 feet long. Didn’t measure the width but I’d guess 4 feet. And the desk is on 2 equal size boxes.