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Flipping Vegas on A&E TV

Flipping Vegas on A&E is my new favorite show on TV.

Before I begin talking about the show Flipping Vegas, it’s most likely fake so I’m just going to “pretend” it’s not fake so bear with me. Scott and Amie make a wacky team and they are apparently married as well which makes the whole show sort of awkward. Amie is always spending over the budget and Scott is always pissed off at everything. Nothing ever seems to go Scott’s way and Amie just adds kindle to the fire at all times. However at the end of every show, they always seem to profit thousands of dollars and they end up being satisfied.

Goliath Company is the name of Scott and Amie’s business for reselling houses and they brand the hell out of everything you see. Even their expensive cars are branded at all times with a big “GC”. Their “For Sale” signs even are cooler looking then the typical one you see hanging in your town.


Flipping Vegas – Scott Yancey

Scott is extremely outgoing and definitely more metro-sexual than your typical guy. He is usually referred to as quite “sassy” online and in internet forums and he acts like a sissy sometimes. Scott is always making an extremely big deal out of every situation but that could be just for the show so who knows how Scott really is.


Scott wears pretty basic clothes and drives expensive cars. I’ve watched the first season so far and he seems to have a different car every episode. I’m guessing Scott is worth millions of dollars because nothing ever is too expensive and Amie gets away with everything. It also seems like the contractors he hires realizes that he is a “push over” and they can up the price on multiple jobs he needs completed.

Scott is definitely the powerhouse behind Goliath Company and his energy levels are the driving force of everything he does.

Flipping Vegas – Amie Yancey

Scott’s better half, Amie Yancey is the other star of the television show. Amie is more of the interior design character who makes sure to go over her husbands budget at all times without caring what Scott thinks about it. Amie is a middle aged, attractive women, and I’m sure she gets plenty of deals from people she is purchasing from.


Amie is always adding some obscure object to the house’s like an outdoor fireplace, or a diamond paint job however Scott is usually far from pleased. Amie knows she can boss her husband even if it means he will complain for a while.

In the end, Scott always praises Amie for increasing the value on the house’s and when it becomes time to sell, they never lose money. If the show isn’t fake, I’ll assume they don’t show the failure houses. Who knows, maybe Goliath Company is on top of the Vegas real estate game. They do have their own TV Show after all.

Is Flipping Vegas Fake?


Great show, cool houses, fun atmosphere. Is Flipping Vegas Fake though? If it is, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure a simple Google Search would tell me the answer but I’m not even going to bother. I enjoy this show either way because I like looking at the different designs for houses and the cool things you can do to a house.

Every other show on A&E seems to be fake, it wouldn’t surprise me if Flipping Vegas was fake as well. I’ll definitely keep watching as long as there is new episodes so keep pumping them out Scott and Amie!