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Fixed the Email Subscriber (Please Subscribe)

Thanks to a twitter fan of mine, Danny Micheals, I was informed that my sidebar email subscription form wasn’t working.

I was actually starting to get suspicious considering I haven’t had a new subscriber in a couple weeks. The reason this happened was because I did some editing on my theme’s coding a few weeks back and it reset the default feed burner coding.

It’s so simple to fix the coding in this, but I was completely unaware it was even a problem. Thanks again to Danny, give him a follow on Twitter and support his website endeavors.

Which Email List or Subscription Service Do I Use?

For now, just feedburner. There was rumors that it was going to be deleted but I think Google kind of took it over and will keep it. I don’t have a huge email list but I do have a couple hundred and it works perfectly for what I need it to do. Well, now it does, but that was my fault regardless.

If you go in the Feedburner admin settings, it will show you all the email address’s that have signed up. I can then export all of those emails and compile them on a excel spreadsheet just in case feedburner shuts down one day, or if I change my email list.

The reason I like Feedburner so much is it does the work for me. It will automatically send out an email every day with my most recent posts and it does it in a way that isn’t spammy.

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Please Subscribe to my Blog via Email

If you look on the top left of the website, you can now subscribe and it should work. Leave me a comment below if it does not. That reminds me, You can also subscribe to my email list with the form that is on the bottom of every single post.

Thank You guys for being so interactive with me on Twitter, it helps me out a bunch and shows that people actually appreciate the content that I am putting out there. It means the world to me, I can’t thank you all enough.