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Expired Produce at Jewel Osco – Disgusted

Today I went to Jewel Osco only because I happen to have a checking account still active at the bank they have there, and I also needed to buy some groceries so I decided to just kill 2 birds with one stone.

I never shop at Jewel-Osco and today reminded me why. Besides their ridiculous prices, they have plenty of products about to expire or are already EXPIRED!

I’m usually awesome at checking for expiration dates but I totally was in a rush and didn’t look this time. However, the poor 16 year old kid bagging my groceries making less then minimum wage was on top of his game. He told me right away that I had 2 products that were expired and that he was going to go check for me if they had a fresh version. I look at the date and they expired at the beginning of March! It is practically May right now. That is a 2 month difference, who is in charge of checking into these things?

Thank god for the awesome employee who get’s treated like crap there or else I might have ate this meat or my family might have ate it. I’m writing this post not to butcher Jewel’s reputation, it apparently already is tainted like its produce, I’m writing to remind you to check all your expiration dates before you leave the market.