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Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro Watermelon Protein Review

I sometimes get to sample some products and I was able to sample some Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro Watermelon Protein. Not only can I say this stuff is delicious but it is a high quality protein. It’s good to take this right after your work out because its formulated to get to your muscles fast. They also have a few other flavors like Orange, Fruit Punch, and Chocolate. These are by far the highest quality proteins I have ever tried and it is good stuff. It was also very tasty.

There’s some people I know who swear by this stuff and I can’t blame them! This one gentleman I know has been taking Insu-Pro now after all his workouts for a solid month and he says he feels better than ever. He told me he’s more cut now then he has ever been in his life.

empyrean watermelon protein powder insu-pro

As soon as I run out of the protein I’ve been taking, I will definitely be buying a jug of Insu-Pro.

This is cheapest site for supplements I can find and they always send me my package right away. Last time I ordered from them I got the product the next day.

(Awesome, They have a promotion going on right now “2-4-12 is today’s date in case your reading this at a later date and the promotion is gone” Free Amino Energy with the purchase of Insu-Pro. That actually works out perfect because I’ll review the amino next!)


*Any review I do is just my honest opinion.