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Eminem Rolling Stone Cover – December 2013

Eminem is now featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine for the December 2013 Issue. How cool is that?!

Eminem is by far my favorite rapper and most likely the greatest rapper of all time. Eminem has been killing it since day 1 and continues to deliver hit after hit after hit.

Have you guys heard his new album? The Marshal Mathers LP 2 was a different type of Eminem album if you ask me however I enjoyed at least half the CD and keep those particular songs on repeat. I actually pay monthly for Spotify so I am able to listen to whatever I want, whenever I want so that’s pretty cool!

Eminem Rolling Stone Cover

Check out Eminem on the Rolling Stone Cover right here:


What a bad ass picture of Shady right here! He’s looking like his young self with the bleach blonde dyed hair and the white t-shirt. Looks like this picture was taken around the time he released his hit song “Berzerk” from the MMLP2.

Eminem MMLP2


I was skeptical at first listen but the more and more I listen to the album and actually listen to the lyrics it’s a pretty damn good CD. It’s hard for Eminem to please because he set the bar sky high for himself. Most good artists have maybe 2 to 3 hit songs on an entire CD but Eminem usually has a full album of hits. I’d say about 7 to 10 songs on this album are straight hits so Slim Shady is back in action.

My Favorite songs on the MMLP2:

  • Rhyme Or Reason
  • Berzerk
  • Rap God
  • So Far…
  • Love Game
  • Baby
  • Wicked Ways

Anyways Eminem is a beast and I hope he continues to keep this music thing going!