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Eminem Rap God Official Video YouTube

Watch the Eminem Rap God Official Video right here.

The Rap God Video was just published on YouTube today and you know its legit because it’s on the real EminemVEVO channel. The video seems to be referencing multiple things like at the beginning of the video Eminem looks just like Max Headroom. Google it if you don’t know what that is all about.

Eminem Rap God is an amazing song off his brand new album, The MMLP2 and it’s the second song I heard off the album, the first being Berzerk. I’m hoping Eminem makes music videos for a couple of his other songs on the album like Rhyme or Reason or Love Game so we’ll see what happens.

Eminem Rap God Official Video

If your internet connection allows, I’d suggest changing the settings to 1080p HD for optimal results.

Eminem is the official Rap God and this song proves it. The video is pretty cool and I’m glad Eminem still has his funny personality and brings it too life even multiple years after videos like “Without Me”.